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Have you ever wondered how David Blaine has gotten so famous? Well, this ebook will expose to you all of Blaines secrets. For LESS than $2 you will learn how to perform magic just the way Blaine does it in his rise to fame:

- Levitate Right in Front of a Spectator! - This is the trick that made Blaine famous!

- Twisting Arm Illusion - Twist your arm 360 degrees!

- Cigarette through the Coin Trick - Push a cigaratte right through a quarter!

- Psycho Kinetic Time - Change the time on the watch of a victim!

- Coffee to Coins Street Magic Trick - Make coins appear in a cup of coffee

- Ace Shake - A spectator signs a card, put back into a deck, and was made to appear between two aces!

- Paul Xenon Tax Disc Removal Secret - Invite a spectator to stand near a car. Ask him to check the car tax disc inside the windscreen. You place his hand over the disc and pull it right through solid glass!

- Coin Bite and Restored Coin - A coin is bitten and a piece is removed. The coin is then restored and the missing piece is spat out

- String Magic Trick - Roll some thread into a ball in your fingers. The thread is then placed in your mouth and swallowed. You bare your stomache and then pulls the thread out from your throat!

- Fly Resurrection - Resurrect a dead fly!

- Mind Reading Card Trick - Literally READ a spectators mind on what card he thought of

- The Pop-Up Card - A signed card is put into a deck and shuffled. Later, the card pops up from the deck!

- Two Card Monte - Switch the position of two cards right in front of a spectators eyes without his knowledge!

- Voodoo Ash - A name is written in a piece of paper, crumbled up and thrown in an ashtray. You now will guess the name written on that paper

- Cough Cough - A signed card is placed into a deck. Later, you regurgitate that card from your mouth!

- Card in Bottle - A signed card is placed into a deck. Later, you make the card appear in a bottle

- Coin Vanish - Vanish a coin inside a spectators hand without even touching it!

- Card through the Window Trick - A card is placed into a deck. Later, you make the card appear stuck inside a window

Imagine the kind of fun youll be having when you amaze your friends and family with David Blaines street magic secrets!

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